I help provide art direction and production services to businesses, events and people. I am open to freelance and full-time opportunities. 


With over 15 years of experience as artistic and rehearsal director on Broadway, I am extending my coaching service to other performers, non-performers, speakers and anyone who want to improve their "stage presence".

Whether you are preparing for a presentation, a speech, an interview, or simply want to up your game in the public eye, I can help you! 

Please contact me directly for a free consultation. My coaching program is tailored to individual needs (one size does not fit all in the case!). For remote students, Skype and Google Hangout can be great tools to connect us. I can also work with recordings to help analyze and improve your techniques.  

I also offer group sessions to organizations, universities and schools. In 2014, I taught "Partnering and Improvisation" to actors at New York University Playwrights Horizons. The course was well-received. 

Why work with me? 

15 years of working in creative and performing arts industries have taught me more than just hard work, but also the ability to adapt and learn as quickly and strategically as possible. 

Imagine an Art Director or a Producer has a major deadline (such as a product launch) every single day. Well, that IS what I am used to. I managed a team of 50+ people on and off stage, 6 days a week. Delays, cancellations, sickness can all get in the way. 

We don't just perform under pressure. We have to defy many odds to still bring our A game, on stage, for hours at a time. 

This is why I had many roles to play - Art Director, Producer, Manager, HR, and (often) as a Dancer on stage when our performers are injured.

My approach to running any project is the same: Commit first, then we figure things out regardless of the obstacles and ambiguities. 

Look forward to sharing more of my experience and stories with you.